Some lightweight mobility scooters + powered wheelchairs are now allowed to go on buses due to bus companies running scooter permit schemes.

Your scooter must be Class 2 type, meet certain size limits, and you must be assessed by the bus company.

If you are successful in this assessment you will receive a credit card sized permit to show to bus drivers that you are allowed to bring your scooter on the bus.

You can use this permit on any bus that belongs to the companies listed below.

So far, the following bus companies have started running permit schemes:

• Arriva
• Blackpool Transport Services
• Bluestar
• Centrebus
• Country Bus
• Firstgroup
• Ipswich Buses
• Metrobus
• National Express
• Nottingham City Transport
• Prentice Coaches
• Quality Line
• Reading Transport
• Safeguard
• Southern Vectis
• Stagecoach
• Thamesdown Transport
• Transdev Blazefield
• Transport for London
• trentbarton
• Western Greyhound
• Wilts and Dorset
• Yellow Buses

To be eligible for a scooter permit your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair must be:

  • under 600mm / 60cm / 23.62inches wide
  • under 1000mm / 100cm / 39.37inches long
  • and the turning radius must be under 1200mm / 120cm / 47.24inches
  • also, when you are on the scooter the total weight should not exceed 300kg/47.24 stone.

Once you have an eligible mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, the bus company should offer you training.

You will be shown how to manoeuvre on and off the bus safely, and how to reverse your scooter/ powered wheelchair up to the backrest in the wheelchair space.

The bus operator will also advise you on which local routes you can travel on with your scooter/powered wheelchair. This training is not mandatory for TfL but is recommended.

If you would like to get into contact with TfL’s travel mentoring service to find out more information, you can call 020 3054 4361, email or visit

List of Bus Friendly Mobility Scooters (as of September 2016)
• Pride – Quest
• Pride – Elite Traveller (3 Wheel)
• Shoprider – Whisper
• Shoprider – Hero
• Shoprider – Alcora
• Shoprider – Corella
• TGA – Minimo
• TGA – Minimo Plus
• TGA – Eclipse
• Drive – ST1
• Drive – Prism (3 Wheel)
• Solax Mobility – Mobie

List of Bus Friendly Powered Wheelchairs (as of October 2016)
• Pride Jazzy Select 6
• Pride Quantum 610

If you would like any further advice you can contact us